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Westward Album to Release Soon-Stream Today!

Audioroad’s second album is in the final stages of mastering and will be ready for release by the end of the year/beginning of January. The album brings together the band’s most thoughtful and provoking work to date and includes a selection of rock story-telling that can be described as a tenacious, inspiring and honest to the bone. The title track ‘Westward’ explores the our love for the American West at the cost to it’s indigenous people. Haunting at times the song delivers a melding of rock anthem expanse with a sound not unlike classic Doors. ‘Roll On’ delivers an up tempo tune that’s all about living for the moment in the band’s hometown, Austin. Lofty leads and warm acoustic underpinnings provide a unique ‘vibe’ for the song’s setting. ‘Driven’ is just plain ‘in your face’ rock-n-roll. From start to finish, the song drives forward rhythmically and refuses to let go.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the band will be releasing six of the new songs for streaming on social media and website. Listen today for a couple of the new tunes and plan on taking in a live Audioroad performance.